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Benzema? Ribery? What Next, Messi to Arsenal?

 Concerning Arsenal

It’s time for your daily dose of transfer speculation. Today’s menu includes such interesting stories as “Arsenal in for Cana” and “Villa after Arsenal’s Senderos“. These come as a bit of a relief, after we were bombarded with horribly ill thought out articles linking us with Karim Benzema and Franck Ribery. The best of them all was of course the “Arshavin set to leave Gunners for Barcelona” story, which made me tear up.

A possible Arsenal target...

A possible Arsenal target...

The first story is the product of Felipe Melo signing a extended contract with Fiorentina. It’s disappointing news for gunners fans, but realistically he was always out of our price range. Cana is much more likely from a financial viewpoint.  He offers similar skills as Melo and is probably more defensively minded. So far only Hamburg from Germany have made a bid for him, and here are some reasonably new quotes from him:

“The door remains open for a departure, even with three years remaining on my contract.”

“I will talk with my family and my representatives. It will then depend on what I want to do.

“Of the possible destinations in the future, England and Germany are the two leagues that attract me the most.”

If we signed Cana it would be a near perfect summer, assuming everyone else stayed. He could be the “missing link” in Arsenal’s midfield puzzle.

Senderos could be on his way out of North London...

Senderos could be on his way out of North London...

Onto Senderos, who is likely going to be one of two defensive departures this summer, along with Sylvester.  I feel that he would be a loss to the club, and selling him to a possible top four contender is not good business in my opinion. If he must be sold, Italy or France would be better destinations. With rumours of signing Serdar Tasci growing, it is almost a sure bet that Senderos will be playing for a new club before the start of the season.

In other news, Arsenal have unveiled their new third kit for next season. It’s white and it looks delightfully average. At least you won’t see much of it…

There has been some serious changes in the reserves today. Eight players have been released and four have been given professional contracts.

The following players have been released:

  • Amaury Bischoff
  • Rui Fonte
  • Anton Blackwood
  • James Dunne
  • Abu Ogogo
  • Paul Rodgers
  • Rene Steer
  • Vincent van den Berg

The following players were given professional contracts:

  • James Shea
  • Luke Ayling
  • Craig Eastmond
  • Cedric Evina

The eight players released were all expected to leave this summer. No surprises there. The four players given professional contracts come as a bit of a surprise, but are definitely well deserving of their contracts. This is after being apart of the FA Youth Cup and Academy League winning under – 18 team.

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Under – 21’s, Arshavin, The Other Samir, Melo and Henri Lansbury


Concerning Arsenal (In Brief)

  • England Under 21’s beat Sweden 3 – 3 (5-4 pen) with Walcott and Gibbs each scoring their spot kicks.
  • Andrei Arshavin has sacked his agent Dennis Lachter, and will now represent himself.
  • Samir Carruthers, (A member of our under – 16’s) has decided to move to Aston Villa instead of signing a new contract.
  • Felipe Melo is going to wait until after the Confederations Cup final with Brazil, before deciding his future.
  • Scunthorpe United are interested on taking Henri Lansbury back on loan next season.

Concerning England Under – 21’s

Future England Player

Future England Player

England took the lead in the first half, but the Swedes came back to level in the second, forcing the match to go to extra time and penalties. Walcott and Gibbs both converted their spot kicks, in a penalty shoot-out which England eventually won. Unfortunately, Joe Hart, Gabriel Agbonlahor, and Frazier Campbell will all miss the final against Italy or Germany. Theo Walcott and Kieran Gibbs look almost certain to be included in the stating eleven.


Concerning Andrei Arshavin

Andrey Arshavin

Who can forget the game at Anfield? Four!!!!

Surprisingly, our number 23 has fired his agent Dennis Lachter, and has opted to represent himself. This is a strange move considering it was Lachter who helped him in his transfer to Arsenal in January. Andrei said:

“Recently I sent a formal letter to Dennis Lachter, which said that I do not want him to continue to represent me and that I will act on my own behalf,”
“This is no way associated with my Arsenal contract. On the contrary, I want to express my deep gratitude for Lachter’s help in moving to the English club.

“But now I am having operational problems and Dennis, who has a newborn son, lives in Israel and cannot always be close to me, so it is easier to solve all these problems myself.”

Good riddance, now we’ll have one less agent to start exit rumours this transfer window, and probably the next few. With Arshavin stating that he would like to end his career back at Zenit, you can’t help to but get a feeling like another “transfer saga” is just around the corner. Maybe firing Lachter will make up for all the money he lost from taxes in the UK? It’s a thought eh! (Canada eh!)


Concerning Samir Carruthers

Under – 16 winger Samir Carrthers has decided to leave the Arsenal Academy and move to Aston Villa. He obviously isn’t good enough or we would have put up a fight to keep him. He seems to think he will get more first team chances at Villa and that they have better youth facilities. You have to be joking! We have the best academy in England and no other top club relies so much on youth players. Good luck Samir, but next time don’t cover up your lack of talent with a “I’m too good for Arsenal” story.

Concerning Felipe Melo

Melo, who is currently on international duty with Brazil at the Confederations Cup, will wait till after the final go decide his future. Apparently he is happy at Fiorentina, but doesn’t rule out a move to London. He would be a great addition to the squad, but for 15 Million Pounds, you have to wonder about better options. How about Gallas + cash, seeing as he wants to leave Arsenal anyway. They’re in the market for a defender, and Gallas only has a few good years left in him, were as Senderos, who they are reportedly interested in, and has tons of future potential.

Concerning Henri Lansbury

Back out on loan?

Back out on loan?

Scunthorpe United have expressed interest in signing Henri back on loan for next season:

“We have asked Arsenal the question about Henri”

“And my understanding is they would be quite happy for him to come back here if they decide to release him on loan again. Arsenal, Chelsea and West Ham have all looked closely at what we do with players we take on loan.

“But as far as Henri is concerned, he will train with the first team squad at Arsenal for the first month when the players report back for the new season. Then the club will make a decision as to whether he goes back out on loan again.”

I have no objection to him returning to Scunthorpe. He played well during his last loan spell, scoring several times. For a while, it didn’t seem like Henri would ever make it big, with all the spot lights being focused on Wilshere, but he’s changed my opinion and he was even included in the FA Youth Cup final squad. I would be not at all surprised if Henri became a first team member in the next two or three years.

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Concerning Arsenal? Transfer Talk, Formations, and Who Can Forget About Phil Brown?

Concerning Myself

First off, I would like to introduce myself. I am a novice blogger with a passion for everything Arsenal. I live in far away Vancouver, Canada, but was born in London, and it is my dream to one day move back home to see the team that I love. I’ve only followed Arsenal since mid 2008 (just after the Birmingham game to be precise), so this Arsenal team is the only one I’ve known. Football in Canada is a rare thing, and Arsenal fans are even rarer.

Feel free to leave any comments or feedback after you’ve read my post.

Concerning Transfers

Thomas Vermaelen; Latest Arsenal Transfer

Thomas Vermaelen; Latest Arsenal Transfer

As you will already know, Thomas Vermaelen, the 23 year old former Ajax defender, has signed for Arsenal for near 10 Million Pounds. This “solves” our backline issues and with Philip Senderos returning from Italy, we don’t look too bad. These two will add height to our defence, which we desperately need, as well as playing in a different style to Kolo and Gallas. Unfortunately, our chances of starting next season with 6 center-backs (Kolo, Gallas, Vermaelen, Senderos, Djourou, Silvestre) plus Song, is very slim. This is regardless of what Wenger says. I could see (and desperately hope) that it’s Silvestre who leaves, and if Gallas or Senderos were sold for the right price, who can complain?


Five center-backs = ideal.

Four center-backs = adequate.

Three center-backs + Silvestre = a lot of sleepless nights.


Felipe Melo; Possible Arsenal Target

Now to the midfield. We’ve been heavily linked with Felipe Melo, the Brazilian defensive midfielder from Fiorentina. He’s aggressive (racking up over 12 yellows card last season), as well as expensive. It would mean another transfer in the “Arshavin bracket” which I doubt will happen unless we sell Adebayor.(Patience please I‘ll get there) It would surprise me a little if we signed him, especially since rumours of us bidding for Miguel Veloso and Gokhan Inler have resurfaced. Personally, I’d like Lorik Cana from Marseille but I don’t see it happening.

Up front, Robin Van Persie has signed or is near signing a contract extension (Depending on who you believe). As for Adebayor, he’s been doing the usual…need I say more? We can expect to see him playing in Italy or Spain at the beginning of next season. Our only consolation is that if it’s Real or Milan, we’ll have enough cash to sort out the midfield and have some leftover to get a decent replacement for him. Many believe that Bordeaux’s striker, Marouane Chamakh, is heading to North London. I don’t rate him any higher than Eduardo, but with the two of them, and not forgetting Bendtner and RvP, we should be fine.

Concerning Tactics

Next year we will have a minimum of four new options for Arsene to integrate (back) into the team. Eduardo and Rosicky will be fully fit, (do u remember hearing that last year?) and we will have Vermaelen and a hopefully a new CM. Vermaelen is easy, but it’s his attacking players that need some shuffling around. He recently said:

“Next season we will play the formation and system that most suits the players and the balance of the team.

“That means it’s not rigid. It can evolve throughout the season, depending on circumstances and personnel.

“If you play with Theo Walcott for example, you are more tempted to go for three midfielders because Theo is more of a forward than a midfielder in a 4-4-2.”

Next year we can expect to see a 4-3-3 being our regular formation. This will have any out of Cesc, Nasri, Rosicky and our potential new CM playing the first three, and Ade(if he stays), RvP, Eduardo, Bendtner, Arshavin Walcott…and the list goes on, taking up the front three. Not too shabby, but I won’t go into much detail today.

Concerning Phil Brown

Now Who's Laughing?

Now Who's Laughing?

Justice for all! Yes, that’s what happens Mr. Brown when you make up random garbage about a club that has just knocked you out of the FA Cup. You accused Fabregas of spitting on your assistant? He was cleared by the FA. Then you call the referee “disgraceful”? That £ 2.500 fine does not do you justice. At least next year when you get relegated from the Premier League you’ll have Newcastle for company, and we’ll all have something to laugh about.

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Thanks for reading, and yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Or at least we play Barnet in 24 days. Try and keep your sanity until then…

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