Ade-buy-plz, Toure and Benzema?

Concerning Arsenal

Milan have contacted Arsenal in regards to signing Emmanuel Adebayor.

Yaya Toure has signed a contract extension with Barcelona.

Wenger has apparently begun shopping around for a replacement for Adebayor, with Chamakh and Benzema(?) being high on his list.

Concerning Adebayor

Even Arsene wouldn't mind seeing you gone...

Even Arsene wouldn't mind seeing you gone...


According to Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani, contact has been made with Arsenal and Arsene Wenger in regards to the sale Emmanuel Adebayor   

“We wrote to Wolfsburg and they responded that he is not for sale. If Wolfsburg change their minds we have agreed they will call Milan. If they do I am ready to immediately leave and go there.

“There’s no fee yet, at the moment Dzeko is not for sale. If he becomes for sale then we will start talking sums.

“Adebayor and Luis Fabiano are the alternatives. For Adebayor there has been a telephone call, during which Wenger was friendly.”

Now is the perfect opportunity to sell. AC Milan are loaded, thanks to the sale of Kaka to Real Madrid ,so this is our best chance to squeeze every penny out of the Italian club. I could imagine a fee of anywhere between 20 – 25 Million pounds would be accepted. It would be great business, which would allow us to buy a replacement for him, as well as a defensive midfielder or center – back.

Last season our three main strikers scored at least 14 goals each over all competitions:

Robin van Persie – 20

Adebayo – 16

Bentdner -14

We also had:

Nasri – 7

Walcott – 6

Vela – 6

Arshavin – 6

Eduardo – 3

Assuming Adebayor leaves, we can expect 15+ goals out of RvP, Bentdner, Eduardo, and Arshavin. We can also hope for 10+ out of a potential replacement for Ade, Nasri, Walcott, and Vela. I know it’s never that “easy” but with all of our young attacking players improving, we’re in good shape offensively.

Concerning Yaya Toure

The news of him signing an extension with Barcelona, is only worth mentioning because he becomes the second player to rule himself out of our defensive midfielder position. This is along with Gareth Barry who moved to Manchester City. Our defensive midfield signing should happen sometime next week if Arsene goes through with his “all players before pre-season” promise, or if Ade goes, it could become somewhat of a lengthy affair.

Concerning Ade Replacements

Useful replacement, but a little too pricey? At least he's french...

Useful, but out of Arsenal's price range. At least he's French...

Marouane Chamakh and KairmBenzema are the names being thrown around to replace Adebayor if he leave the. The first, has supposedly entered negotiations with his current club, with the hope of extending his contract. The second, who seems very unlikely, would involve a “bidding war” with Sir Alex Ferguson, according to the Times Online. Personally, I think that’s a joke. Arsenal signing a 25 Million Pound forward? Not going to happen…but it’s a nice thought.

Concerning Gael Clichy

Not news, but worth mentioning. I read part of an old interview with Gael Clichy, where as a kid in France, he suffered a life threatening injury while trying to climb over a metal fence. He tore his finger, after the fence snagged on a ring he was wearing. During the following operation, his heart stopped for 15 seconds, and the doctors believed it was a miracle that he had lived. Clichy said:

“It made me realise that life can go quick. You could leave tomorrow so you have to enjoy it to the maximum so you don’t regret anything the next day. You can look forward to the future but not too far ahead. Family and friends become very important.”

I hope this isn’t common knowledge, but this was the first i’d heard of this.

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